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ODMC Montenegro

Your Western Balkan Turnkey NPL Servicer

Odmc Crna Gora

ODM Collections is highly specialised in receivables management and purchasing. Our personalised and professional approach and use of cutting-edge technologies and innovative business solutions makes us a turnkey servicer able to secure efficient collection on behalf of our clients whilst avoiding reputational and financial risk and taking into account all clients’ needs and features of the underlying transactions.

We don't service until we analyze

A one-stop-shop for all receivables collection and purchasing transactions


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Clients are at the core of what we do

We are here for you

We seek to meet your requirements and understand your business, clients, and market. Our primary guiding principle is to make our team your team, too. We strive to build trust and offer unparalleled flexibility, pragmatism, thoroughness, and dedication, whilst relying on both high-level knowledge and practical skills when considering our clients’ needs from the perspectives of finance, law, public relations, and social sustainability.

We endeavour to go beyond the traditional buyer-seller relationship and its emphasis on financial aspects that tends to neglect all other issues crucial for the success of both sides.

Our clients include major commercial banks, insurance companies, investment funds, telecommunications firms, and businesses in many other sectors and industries. Our business relationships are guided by strict professional and ethical motives: no company or portfolio is too large or too small.

A key aspect of our business practices is our attention to safeguarding relationships with clients’ debtors, thereby avoiding any reputational risk.

Advantages of effective collection/ servicing

  • Encouraging debtors to comply with their payment terms
  • Reducing non-performing portfolios
  • Enhancing your business through greater collection rates
  • Saving your resources
  • Improving your efficiency by allowing your staff to focus on your firm’s core business

Founded in 2013, the company has quickly won the trust of a wide variety of clients from different sectors and industries, becoming a reliable partner for their receivables management functions. Continuous improvements to our procedures and investment in staff training has allowed us to meet with the strictest professional standards. We are the only one-stop-shop receivables firm operating in all six Western Balkans jurisdictions, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, and North Macedonia

6 jurisdictions

The most efficient in the region

Our team leverages its knowledge and extensive experience in business law, sales, finance, tax, non-performing loans (NPLs), cash and non-cash asset management, and data privacy to handle all cases professionally and consistently. Our use of the success fee model reduces cost and risk of failure in both in-court and out-of-court collection. We offer our clients consulting services, offer optimal portfolio management solutions, and identify effective options to improve in-house collection capacity.


Reasons to choose ODM Collections

Professional receivables management and support across all stages of collection

Maximum efficiency in collection through threefold synergy between call centre, lawyers, and enforcement officers

Integrated collection tracking and co-ordination from one centre

Professional treatment of debtors without reputational risk

Flexibility through use of advanced IT solutions

Long-standing experience in business law, finance, tax, and personal data protection guarantees adherence to highest standards and consistency in case management

Robust and detailed collection analytics confirmed by client experiences

Razvijen sistem izveštavanja prilagođen potrebama klijenata u realnom vremenu

No initial costs due to use of a success fee model

Across all six jurisdictions of the Western Balkans

saradnja 11
Milion euros

Total charge



Key concerns and possible misconceptions

All communication with debtors is structured and follows scenarios prepared in advance that are based on the debtor’s area of activity, nature of the receivables in question, and circumstances surrounding the receivables. We adhere to the strictest professional and ethical standards of communication. We never make distressing telephone calls, disturb debtors’ neighbours or family members, or engage in any similar socially unacceptable conduct.

Any costs of litigation to collect receivables are paid by the debtor, so that our clients receive the full amount of their receivables less only the collection service fee. Our strategy is always to avoid in-court collection wherever possible to safeguard relationships between clients and their debtors and minimise procedural expenses.

We seek to avoid inventory, assessment and confiscation of property and are proud of the fact it accounts for fewer than 1 percent of the cases we manage. Where this process is unavoidable, we seek to reduce cost for the debtor to the absolute minimum.

To minimise paperwork, all documents are exchanged in digital formats and processed using the integrated IT solution designed by our expert team that provides all actionable information required for the collection process in real time. This software relies on cutting-edge technologies and meets all applicable global and national standards. The system is constantly updated to reflect operating changes and evolving technologies, allowing us to maintain our edge over the competition.

Receivables should not weigh down your business. They are assets that require appropriate treatment and management.

Regional leaders

ODMC operates in 6 jurisdictions in the Western Balkans - Serbia.

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