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Consulting services

Odmc Crna Gora

Make good business decisions

We offer a wide range of consulting services to investment funds and other investors wishing to enter our markets. Our experienced team is exceptionally well versed in legal regulations, key industries, and business environments in Montenegro and the Western Balkans. We help identify business opportunities, engage in detailed analysis of receivables portfolios, review documents provided by selling clients, and offer the best price for each portfolio. Our key consulting services include:

  1. Advisory support, opinions, and analyses of NPL portfolios
  2. Retaining legal experts specialised in NPL portfolios
  3. Drafting contracts, procedures, and general and specialised corporate byelaws
  4. Anti-money laundering (AML) compliance
  5. Risk procedures

Our consultancy goes beyond investors alone. Our long-standing experience and wide knowledge can also be highly helpful for creditors, who can benefit from our support in:

  1. Identifying non-performing receivables and portfolios
  2. Using key criteria to segment and optimise non-performing portfolios
  3. Adopting strategies and best options for addressing non-performing receivables
  4. Monitoring and overseeing implementation
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Consulting services entail:

  • Portfolio due diligence and collectability assessment over a five-year period, based on similar portfolios analysed previously
  • Detailed review of client documentation, analysis of all available information, and assessment of whether the documents and data are sufficient to proceed with collection
  • Where receivables are secured by real estate collateral, verifying the legal status of the property and options for selling it in a reasonable period of time
  • Real estate valuation using licensed property valuers
  • Detailed examination of receivables owed by bankrupt debtors and assessment of bankruptcy estates and creditors’ orders of priority
  • Assessment of whether receivables are in danger of becoming barred due to statute of limitations and possible legal actions to extend time limits for collection
  • Assessment and valuation of receivables secured by other types of collateral (such as securities, movable assets, and the like)
  • Advising clients about receivables that may be prohibitively expensive or complicated to sell or where mortgages cannot be transferred
  • Directly negotiating and aligning the process with clients at debtors’ request

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Consulting firms typically use a combined approach, including credit risk analysis, portfolio segmentation by risk level, customized strategies for different types of debtors, and legal tools for collection. Negotiation tactics in terms of debt restructuring can also be used to achieve an acceptable solution for both parties.
  • Consulting can assist in improving customer creditworthiness assessment procedures, developing rigorous credit policies and procedures, and implementing tools for monitoring and managing credit risks. Additionally, advice regarding receivables insurance and the application of appropriate legal instruments are vital in reducing risk.
  • Advantages include access to expertise, experience, and resources that internal staff may need to gain. Companies can bring a fresh perspective and innovative approaches to collection problems. However, challenges may include the costs of engaging a consulting firm, the need for alignment of strategies, and the possibility of reduced control over collection processes.
  • ODMC offers a wide range of consulting services to investment funds and other investors. These include advising, NPL portfolio analysis, engagement of legal experts, drafting contracts and procedures, AML Compliance, and risk management.
  • ODMC helps identify business opportunities, perform a detailed analysis of the receivables portfolio, perform documentation assessment, and propose the optimal price for the portfolio.
  • AML Compliance within ODMC refers to compliance with anti-money laundering regulations, which includes establishing procedures and policies to prevent illegal financial activities.
  • ODMC conducts due diligence on the portfolio and assesses the possibility of collection over five years, taking into account previously processed similar portfolios.
  • ODMC checks the legal status of real estate, secures the claims, and assesses the possibility of selling these properties within a reasonable timeframe.
Regional leaders

ODMC operates in 6 jurisdictions in the Western Balkans - Serbia.

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