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About Us

ODM Collections Montenegro

ODM Collections is highly specialised in receivables management and purchasing. Founded in 2013, the company is the fastest-growing business in the receivables management sector. For 10 years of successful work, we managed to process more than 2,34 million cases with a total value of 2,28 billion euros, as well as to make a collection in amount of over 140 million euros. Having identified opportunities for expansion, we have been extending our business beyond the borders of Montenegro to cover the entire Western Balkans market whilst always taking into account local distinctions, clients’ needs, and legal regulations.

Our company has won the trust of a wide variety of clients from different sectors and industries. Our portfolio comprises over 200,000 cases, with accounts receivable valued at more than EUR 125mn.

ODM Collections continuously strives to improve its operating processes and invests in the best people and technologies to be able to provide top-tier services. Our team leverages its knowledge and extensive experience in business law, sales, finance, tax, non-performing loans (NPLs), cash and non-cash asset management, and data privacy to handle all cases professionally and consistently. Clients receive tailored solutions based on detailed portfolio analysis, including recommendations for improving their own internal collection procedures.

In collaboration with noted Serbian VP Law Firm  and professional enforcement officers from across the country, ODM Collections has deployed a unique, centralised receivables monitoring and collection process, making the company a true turkey servicer.

Our synchronised, three-tier structure, comprising call centre, legal professionals, and enforcement officers maximises efficiency across all stages of receivables collection.

Back-office support relies on state-of-the art software, developed in house and unique in the region, which facilitates service delivery and business processes, case tracking throughout all stages of collection in real time, and exceptional statistical performance, whilst permitting clients to keep abreast of all activities through regular monitoring.

Our flexibility comes from continuously improving our operations, adapting existing business solutions, and efficiently introducing new services, allowing us to respond rapidly to individual clients’ needs and developments in the fast-paced receivables management market.


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Since its inception in February 2013, ODM Collections has been growing, evolving, modernising, moving to increasingly sophisticated technologies, and improving its business model to respond to the demands of the market and the latest trends in the worldwide collection industry.

We have been extending our business beyond the borders of Montenegro to cover the entire Western Balkans market whilst always taking into account local distinctions, clients’ needs, and legal regulations.

ODM Collections is the only one-stop-shop receivables firm operating in all six Western Balkans jurisdictions, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, and North Macedonia. Our ability to recognise the specific needs of the region and our exceptional effectiveness have helped us gain the dominant position in the receivables management market. In 2023 we plan to expand to Croatia and Slovenia, and thereafter to Romania and Bulgaria, seeking to become market leaders in South-Eastern Europe.


  1. Professional receivables management and support across all stages of collection
  2. Maximum efficiency in collection through threefold synergy between call centre, lawyers, and enforcement officers
  3. Integrated collection tracking and co-ordination from one centre
  4. Your clients are our clients: professional treatment of debtors without reputational risk
  5. Flexibility through use of advanced IT solutions
  6. Compliance: long-standing experience in business law, finance, tax, and personal data protection guarantees adherence to highest standards and consistency in case management
  7. Robust and detailed collection analytics confirmed by client experiences
  8. Well-developed real-time reporting system adapted to clients’ needs
  9. No initial costs due to use of a success fee model
  10. Regional presence across all six jurisdictions of the Western Balkans
  11. Reliable and reputable partner


We build professional but at the same time close relationships with our clients, focusing on flexibility, pragmatism, thoroughness, dedication, and trust, and relying on both high-level knowledge and practical skills when considering our clients’ needs from the perspectives of finance, law, public relations, and social sustainability.

In doing so, we strive to go beyond the traditional buyer-seller relationship and its emphasis on financial aspects that tends to neglect all other issues crucial for the success of both sides.

Our business relationships are guided by strict professional and ethical motives: no company is industry is too large or too small.

Our clients include major commercial banks, insurance companies, investment funds, telecommunications firms, and businesses in many other sectors and industries.

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Our expert team has designed a tailor-made IT solution that provides actionable information in real time and supports all ODM Collections operations. The only such system in the Western Balkans, this software uses cutting-edge technologies and meets all applicable global and national standards. The system is constantly updated to reflect operating changes and evolving technologies, allowing us to maintain our edge over the competition.

Advantages to our clients

  • Tailor-made software provides comprehensive support to both out-of-court and in-court collection and all related processes and procedures
  • Detailed analytics of all phases of collection, including case duration, success rates, publicly available debtor information, and income and expenditures, by stage or overall
  • Flexible software adapted to suit each client’s needs
  • Detailed personalised reports and summaries of collection efforts at any time
  • Secure data exchange
  • Big data approach to case entry and processing allows efficient portfolio evaluation
  • High security standards for both hardware and software
  • Constant optimisation and upgrades to hardware and software to deliver top-tier services
  • New software solutions developed to suit clients’ needs and comply with legal regulations and security standards


Successful business requires active communication with clients and fast-paced information exchange. Efficient and comprehensive regular reporting arrangements, including receivables amounts and outcomes of collection, are invaluable for both ODM Collections and our clients.

We have developed IT solutions that allow us to provide both operating and management reports to clients in real time.

For a better world without debts!

Regional leaders

ODMC operates in 6 jurisdictions in the Western Balkans - Serbia.